All Star

All Star

We have set a standard of excellence that we will continue to maintain. Our intent is to help better your athletes’ skill and reach their athletic potential. More than that, we hope to help them learn valuable life lessons: the value of commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, self-confidence, positive attitude and a love for the sport. 

PARENT COMMUNICATION: We mainly use the BAND app to communicate for each specific team. We will give you a specific code/group when teams are formed.

HANDBOOK: All parents and athletes are required to sign a financial agreement and code of conduct after committing to their teams. We run a drama free facility and would like to keep it that way. Parents are always welcome to stay and watch practices, as long as, they let the coaches do their jobs. We always celebrate each child’s individual skills and new team skills. At the conclusion of practice we may ask parents to come to the floor for a brief showcase. At the end of the day, we are here to help your kids learn and grow.

Practices are always mandatory! 3 unexcused practices and we reserve the right to remove your athlete from the program. So please keep in contact with us about any missed practices! We ask that you give us your vacation days prior to the start of the season in June so we can plan accordingly. During the summer months practices will be held on weeknights only. When school begins practices will be 1 weeknight (2 hours) and 1 weekend day (Sunday, 2-3 hours). Extra practices could be scheduled if the team needs them and discussed with the team’s parents to figure out the best time.

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